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How long does a lighting upgrade take?


This ultimately depends on how much there is to be done:


A typical restaurant or workshop may take a couple of days,

A car dealership or medium-size warehouse about a week,

A high-rise condominium could take up to a month




What is a realistic timeline from beginning to end?


A typical timeline will consist of the planning stage (1-4 weeks), the rebate application (n/a-3 weeks), product delivery (0 to 3 weeks), and the work itself, as described above. The total timeline from planning to completing all the work can be as short as 1 week, and for larger projects can take as long as 4 months.


The average project, complete with rebate administration, will likely be around 4 weeks from planning to completion.




Can my in-house staff do the work?


Absolutely! Our ultimate goal is to provide the best lighting for the best ROI. Certain upgrade tasks are more cost-effective if done in-house, and we will be pleased to work with your service personnel in a supportive role.


We provide the education and suggest the best options; You decide on the plan of action.

What if some areas aren't accessible?


Your business is organized to do what it does best, and not in function of its light fixtures. Often times racking, equipment, or merchanise can make certain lamps inaccessible.


We account for this inconvenience by either arranging for different service equipment (eg. boom lifts), moving the obstacles (eg. boxes or pallets etc), scheduling the work at a later date when the obstacle is no longer there, disconnecting the existing fixture and mounting a replacement in an accessible area, or in some cases, simply leaving the existing fixture(s) to be serviced when circumstances change in the future.




Can I upgrade my building in stages?


Certainly! Whether the stages are based on a certain budget, certain areas, or targeting the upgrades with the highest ROI, we will account for your preferences in the planning stage.




What happens to the old lights?


Old lights, wiring and ballasts are recycled according to Environment Canada guidelines. There isn't any extra cost to properly dispose them off this way, and sure enough it's the right thing to do.

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