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What is covered?


All the material we provided, and all the work we did. No vague language here: Your lights need to work and perform as intended.


If we designed, supplied and installed the whole project, we stand behind every aspect of it. If we furnished the equipment, and your staff installed it, we will supply replacement equipment only.




Who do I deal with in case of a claim?


Just contact your sales representative. Remediating a faulty light is no different than installing a new one, so we don't see a reason to handle a warranty call differently from a sales call.


If any light fails for any reason within the stated warranty period, one call to your sales representative will often be all that's necessary to solve the problem.

How long am I covered for?


All equipment and labor provided by us is covered for a standard 5 year period. Some exceptions are bulbs with a rated lifespan of less than 50,000hrs, or fixtures with a manufacturer's warranty exceeding this period of time. In these insances we guarantee performance according to the product's specificied lifespan ratings.




How long does the claim process take?


If we were quick and efficient in doing the upgrade, why would a warranty repair or replacement be any different?


In case of a warranty claim, we'll immediately send a technician to determine what went wrong. Faulty bulbs can usually be replaced right away. Fixture replacements will depend on the initial lead-time to acquire them. Your site assessment information package will contain specific lead times and warranty timelines.

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