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How long does an assessment take?


An initial assessment looks at what lights you have in your business, when and how they're used, what works well and what could be improved. This can take between 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the facilities.




What purpose does this assessment serve?


In very broad lines, it serves to guide everyone in the direction that makes most sense: whether it is immediate cost savings, improving the conditions for personnel on the floor, or laying out a long-term plan.


Once we discover what's most suitable, we delve in more depth and work out a detailed strategy.

What information do I get from this assessment?


Your customized information package will contain

  1) an energy survey, showing energy use and cost

  2) the existing and recommended lighting levels

  3) a rebate estimate

  4) some options on how to get the best light or best ROI

  5) a cost or leasing estimate for different upgrades

Do I have to sign anything?


No. We don't send aggressive salespeople or demand commitments. A site survey means exactly that: gathering information and looking at what's possible.







What if I'm not interested in the end?


Not every business or building has a lot to gain from what we do, and we'll be the first ones to acknowledge that. If it doesn't make sense, we'll leave it alone. The assessment package is yours to keep, and we'll revisit it in time, when the circumstances have changed.




Why do you do this for free?


It does take time and expense on our side to provide this service. But we believe in education as a first step in any decision, and we've built our business on being open, informative and honest. Of course, we're confident that in the end, you'll count on us!

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