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Why Ontario offers rebates for retrofitting upgrades?


The Ontario Power Authority, charged with managing Ontario's electricity requirements, has concluded that in order to keep up with rising electricity demands in this economically vibrant province, it pays to invest in energy efficiency upgrades.


In fact, for every $1 the province spends on energy conservation, it saves $2 on infrastructure costs. In that sense, the rebates are an investment in the province's grid and a way to keep rates down in the long run - though this last point may be up for debate!




How does the IESO rebate process for Ontario work?


We use the energy assessment of your building to complete and file the paperwork. Within 2-3 weeks the IESO sends a formal approval. Once the work is completed, we submit the final report and soon after, you receive your rebate cheque.

Is there any eligibility for getting retrofit rebates?


A lighting retrofit needs to result in a minimum demand reduction of 1kW or a reduction of 2,000 kWh in the first year.

For most buildings and businesses this is a very low threshold, which means that, practically speaking, just about any upgrade will qualify.




How are IESO rebates calculated?


Since their intent is to encourage energy conservation, rebates are entirely based on how much energy the efficiency upgrade is going to save.

Though there are standard calculations for most retrofits, whether based on a particular fixture, bulb, location or hours of operation, it often gets a lot more complicated when we introduce controls and change usage patterns.


Our complementary lighting assessment will include rebate estimates for the options and scenarios we recommend.

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