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Stem & Swivel Mount Thermal Photocontrol
Dimensions5.5 x 1.56 x 1.56 (in)
Tungsten15A, 1800W
Ballast8.3A, 1000VA
Activation TypeDelay Action
Sensor Time Delay30 sec to 90 sec
Housing MaterialPolycarbonate
Warranty2-year limited




Mechanical bimetal switch with Cadmium Sulfide photocell
Delay feature prevents unwanted OFF switching
High strength, UV resistant plastic housing
Swivel with 1⁄2"-14 NPSM threaded stem
Washer gasket and locking nut included
6" wire leads
Used for Exterior Lighting - street lighting, parking lots, pedestrian pathway lighting

Stem & Swivel Mount Thermal Photocontrol

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