5kW and above kits - SOLAR - On-Grid
Space Required 400-500 sq.ft.
Direction South facing more productive
Solar panels needed 21 solar panels 250W each - mono or poly
Components 250W solar panels - 21 or 300W solar panels - 17
  Inverter - 6000W Pure Sine Inverter Charger 24VDC to 120V AC output listed to UL 458/CSA
  Mounting racks and Accessories
Service Engineering Design and Cost Analysis
Accessories Needed Wire Conduit, distribution boxes, junction boxes, connectors, breakers and fittings (Not included in the kit)
Practical Use Whole house lighting for 6 hours, including TV, refrigerator, Oven, and upto 100 LED lights
  5kW of DC power can produce 500-750kWh AC per month, assuming 5 hour sun per day with solar array facing south
Warranty Solar Panel - 25 year



This kit can save you $300-$400 per billing cycle
*Installation services can be provided

5kW and above kits - SOLAR - On-Grid