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Over the past few years, LED technology has become a mainstream option for lighting applications. We are witnessing a booming market for new and innovative solutions, and the range of options is growing exponentially. We are committed to implement the best solutions of today, while maintaining pressure on pricing with our clients' bottom line in mind.


  • Adding LED lighting to your product lineup?

    • We work with Ontario's leading electrical distributors, lighting manufacturers and local suppliers, selecting the best the market has to offer for any given application. Our careful product selection, combined with our volume purchasing power, delivers the outstanding value we have become known for.


  • Do you offer a product we should know about?

    • If you carry a luminaire, control unit, driver, or any other LED lighting component with a higher-than-average efficiency, broader range of application, longer life span, or otherwise any other significant advantage, we want to know about it. We welcome new product showcases and presentations. Contact us for more information.

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